What can we offer to you?


We are a company with wide experience and professional approach in transport and logistics. A customer´s satisfaction with the quality of offered services belongs to the company´s main challenges. We take care about the individual needs of every customer.

We provide transports through new modern vehicles, which are kept in a constantly perfect condition, and a trained team of employees.

Since it´s formation the company has gone through still new challenges, it immediatelly reacts to rising demands and requirements of the customers by adopting the innovations, it is constantly adapting and improving the quality of the service.

It´s aim is the customers´ satisfaction and therefore it´s own satisfaction, from what it expects the increase of the services for the existing and certainly the new customers as well.

The company also offers the goods storage services and it generally provides the processing of goods for the internet companies, namely from the loading and stocking the goods to the delivery to the consignee.

Storage of goods

The company ELT plus, s.r.o. does the business in the fied of transport with focus on the inland and international truck transport, logistics and stocking with so called added value, thus the complex provision of the stocking and the delivery of the consignments of the chosen partners and the internet companies.

During it´s activity on the market it has built a stable customer base, to which it provides it´s services considering it´s constant improvement in favor of it´s customers.

For the transports, the company uses vehicles mostly not older than three years, whereby it increases it´s atractivity for the customers and it prevents the inconveniences, which may occur in the old vehicle fleet, where the defectiveness is high.

The company also cares about the emissions and it behaves responsibly toward the environment, therefore it only has modern vehicles in it´s portfolio, which meet the newest and the strictest norms with respect to the environment.

In 2016 and also in 2017 the company has launched a cooperation during the testing of the 100% electric-powered vehicles and it has decided that it will enlarge it´s fleet by such electric vehicles.